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Cyber Spooks
Book One – The Chinese Hack

Recon and Kali are two of the Cyber Spooks top agents and are trying to stop a criminal gang from China destroying the banks computers. A fast paced exciting children’s book filled with non-stop action, whilst offering educational tips for online security along the way. Carlo, Recon’s son discovers so much more about being an agent than he bargained for when he joined his father for a day at his work.
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What you can learn From Cyber Spooks book

Audio Book

Follow the Cyber Spooks in their fight against online criminal gangs by Ebook, or audio, with special Sound FX

Cyber Spooks HQ

The Cyber Spooks HQ is where all the technology is at, an array of screens monitoring the bad guys. Recon and Kali can be called at any moment!

Online Safety Guide

Get the FREE Cyber Spooks Online Safety Guide with lots of tips on staying safe online! As recommended by Recon!

Cyber Spooks by Anthony Sweeney
About Book

Kali is captured by two burly men, but why?

Kali is captured by the Twins, just as she was about to download important information from the hackers. WHat will they do with her and how will she is escape from their hold?


Cyber Spooks Book- chapter one

Carlo joins his dad in work for the day, and what a day it turned out to be!

They stare at the giant screens watching Cyber Attacks as they happen across the globe.


Cyber Spooks Book- chapter six

Recon is determined to get into the room protected with the fingerprint scanner! How does he get in?

Book One

Cyber Spooks - The Chinese Hack

Cyber Spooks Book One
Book One – Ebook
Cyber Spooks Ebook for all Devices. Recon stares at the...
Cyber Spooks Book One
Book One Print
Cyber Spooks Print Book. Buy on Amazon UK Buy on...
Cyber Spooks Book One
Book One Audio
Cyber Spooks - Audio Book Buy on Google Play  or...

Author's Bio

About the author

I’m Anthony Sweeney author of a children’s books series called Cyber Spooks and currently working on my first thriller series.

I worked in the Cyber Security space for many years with a secret passion for writing and creating, this inspired me to write my first book series. Utilising my knowledge of the Cyber world mixed with my passion for teaching & writing, I created Cyber Spooks, Superhero style books for kids. Having now fully embraced my creative side, I have many more titles in the making. These books are ideal for 8-12 years and above. A short story with wonderful images that will trigger the imagination and take the reader on an exciting adventure. All of the books contain online safety tips and therefore are very educational.

Anthony Sweeney author of a children’s books series called Cyber Spooks

Exciting story, with many diverse characters, wonderful read. My kids and I learnt a lot about Cyber Security in the process!

David Scott

Would highly recommend this book when it's launched - I have read the preview! My 10 years old son loved it!

Alex Donelson

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